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     Steering committee Chair

      Bo Zhang                             Tsinghua University & Fellow of Chinese Academy of Science

     Senior steering committe member

     Xiaoming Li                           Peking University

     Maosong Sun                        Tsinghua University

     Xiangyang Xue                      Fudan University

     Stuart Russell                         University of California, Berkeley


     Program Committee Chair

     Hui Xiong                               Rutgers University

     Program Committee executive chair

     Jie Tang                                   Tsinghua University

     Senior program committe member

     Huanhuan Cao                        Toutiao Labs

     Lei Li                                        Toutiao Labs

     Yan Liu                                    University of Southern California

     Tong Hanghang                     Arizona State University

     Jun Zhu                                   Tsinghua University


Special Thanks


       Special thanks to Toutiao and Toutiao Lab( lab.toutiao.com) for sponsoring the contest and providing the datasets.

       Special thanks to Qian Zhang from  Beihang University for the help on the online submission and grading system.